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With so many options of beef available in area markets, only at Looks can you rest comfortably that the beef you are buying is USDA certified to be the highest levels of Choice, the top 8%. Above that, we also carry the Certified Angus Prime Striploins and Ribeyes.  Over 50% of beef receives the grade of Choice from the USDA, most of that is just slightly above Select grade, meaning the meat is less juicy and tough. With the Certified Angus Beef Brand, the USDA certifies that you are buying only the top levels of Choice. The beef then must pass 10 more quality inspections before it can receive the Certified Angus Beef stamp. That is quality and dedication you can only find at Look’s Market.

While we are the only retailer of Certified Angus Beef, our commitment to providing the highest quality Beef does not stop there. We are also the only Retail market that dry ages Beef on premise for 21 days. Dry Aging is an older process of aging meat wherein the meat becomes more flavorful and tender.

As always we are happy to supply any kind of custom cut. Come in the store and tell us exactly what you want and we are happy to accommodate any request.

At Looks, we also provide a variety of specialty meats produced locally, including Buffalo from Western Buffalo Ranch and Lamb produced by Superior Lamb.

There was a time before the fateful slogan of the other white-meat that Pork actually had flavor. Fortunately, there are companies that are abandoning the lean-hog trend and actually producing pork that is juicy and tastes great. You will find that Pork at Look’s Market.

Certified Angus Beef

Since 1883, Look's Market has served the finest in fresh, never frozen, beef, pork, fish and poultry to
area families. Along with gourmet grocery items including artisan cheeses, wines and fresh produce, our
professional, on-staff chef can help you prepare a better meal from beginning to end.

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